Diamonds in the Mud

“Everyone can see the mud, it’s up to us to see the diamonds.” (Simon Holley)

Something about this comment struck home.  There was something attractive about the idea. About seeing something that could be missed, and then seeing it flourish like a plant being watered so that others could take pleasure in the flower.

Spotting, polishing, nourishing, encouraging, nurturing, growing.

So that a person becomes more who they are made to be. This wasn’t about seeing something that wasn’t there. But something that was, even if it was just a speck.  Think Billy Elliot’s dance teacher who spotted an ability to jump high, and then trained a ballerina.

Or closer to home, perhaps saying to the receptionist who remembers your name as you enter the office block in the morning and greets you with a smile,  ‘I really appreciate your greeting, it brightens up my day’ so that they continue to greet and make a difference to the days of others.

And in situations. Struggling with a work environment? What’s good about it, let’s see that rather than the bad.

And the funny thing is that as we look for the good often it’s our heart that is changed more than anyone else’s: a little more love, a little more hope, a little more forgiveness.

So today let’s be thankful for the good things and encourage and nurture them.

And who knows who they and you will become.


The Bible bit!

Seeing the potential and calling it out of people is what God does.

In the Bible He often changes someone’s name as a symbol of their renewed calling:

Abram (which means high father) becomes Abraham (father of many) and his wife Sarai (princess) becomes Sarah (mother of nations) [Genesis 17:5].  This was when Sarah was 90 and childless, yet it comes to pass.

And in the New Testament Jesus calls Simon (God has heard)  Peter which means rock [John 1:42] promising ‘on this rock I will build my church’ [Matthew 16:18], which seems improbable given Simon’s background as a fisherman.  Yet the Church still stands today, and can be traced to Peter’s talk in Acts 2.

In each of these examples God is seeing who He made the individual to be and calls it out of them. Never failing to hope and trust that they will become who they are made to be, however unlikely it looks when he calls them, and even when they screw up once they are have their new name : Sarah doesn’t believe and laughs at God’s promise she will have children,  and then to compound the issue lies about it [Genesis 18:12;15]. Peter’s screw ups are more numerous than I can list. Yet God’s plan prevails.

He has placed a calling and potential in you as well.

And His plan will prevail.


-Who is God calling you to be?

– What situations are you struggling with? What good can you see in them?

-What can you encourage someone in today? It might be in their character or an action.

Resources: (specifically session 5-Simon Holley)


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