Monologue from the Bleak (written December 2015)

What do you do when life seems hopeless? When it feels like the future is bleak and you long to throw a cup of hot anything in the face of anyone who claims that God has a plan?

Truth is that life sucks sometimes.  Period.  Sometimes it seems dark; hopeless; bleak.

Struggling under a cloud of depression, working for a charity I no longer align with, boy taken, dreams dashed, lonely in a smog of people.

Enter the silence.  Embrace the questions.  Trust in Him.  He is God.  What other hope do you have? Only He is the Creator and Lord of All.  The Loving King.  The Majestic Maker.  The Saviour of the World.  I have no choice.  Without Him there is no hope.  No life. One day this earth will pass away; marriage is not in heaven; tears will be no more.  We will be overwhelmed in His presence; hidden in HIs love; cloaked in His Majesty.

Bring it on.



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